Shopify Plus vs. BigCommerce Enterprise: Which eCommerce Platform Reigns Supreme?


Running a successful eCommerce business requires the right tools, and selecting the right platform is crucial. Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise are among the top choices for businesses aiming to scale up. Each platform offers unique features and advantages, catering to specific needs. Let’s dive into the world of eCommerce platforms and see how Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise stack up against each other.

Shopify Plus: Empowering Your Online Business

Shopify Plus is a powerhouse in the eCommerce world, known for its user-friendly interface and scalability.

Streamlined User Experience

Shopify Plus boasts an intuitive dashboard that simplifies store management. Its drag-and-drop interface allows for easy customization without requiring extensive coding skills.

Abundance of Apps

With over 6,000 apps in the Shopify App Store, you can enhance your store’s functionality with ease. From marketing to inventory management, the possibilities are endless.


Shopify Plus can grow with your business. Whether you’re a small startup or an established brand, this platform can accommodate your needs seamlessly.

Multi-Channel Selling

Expand your reach by selling on various channels, including social media and marketplaces, all from within the Shopify Plus dashboard.

BigCommerce Enterprise: Powering Your Growth

BigCommerce Enterprise is another heavyweight contender in the eCommerce arena, offering a range of features tailored for enterprise-level businesses.

Robust SEO Capabilities

BigCommerce Enterprise takes SEO seriously, offering features like customizable URLs, automatic sitemaps, and schema markup, making it easier for your products to rank higher on search engines.

Customization Freedom

This platform provides complete design freedom, allowing you to create a unique storefront that aligns perfectly with your brand’s identity.

Scalability and Security

BigCommerce Enterprise provides high-level security features to protect your customer data and transactions. Plus, it’s built to handle high traffic and sales volumes without a hitch.

Multi-Currency Support

For global businesses, BigCommerce Enterprise supports multiple currencies, making international expansion a breeze.

Comparing the Two

Now, let’s compare Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise based on some essential criteria.


When it comes to pricing, Shopify Plus often comes with a higher monthly fee. However, it includes hosting, security, and 24/7 customer support, reducing additional costs. BigCommerce Enterprise offers a transparent pricing model, but additional expenses may be required for hosting and security.


Shopify Plus is user-friendly and easy to customize, making it an excellent choice for those who want a quick setup. BigCommerce Enterprise provides complete design freedom, making it ideal for businesses with unique branding requirements.


Both platforms prioritize SEO, but BigCommerce Enterprise has a slight edge with its built-in SEO features that can potentially boost your rankings.


Shopify Plus has an extensive app store, while BigCommerce Enterprise offers a robust set of built-in features. The choice here depends on your preference for third-party apps or integrated solutions.

Customer Support

Shopify Plus offers 24/7 customer support, while BigCommerce Enterprise provides premium support during business hours. The level of support you need may influence your decision.

Consider Your Budget

Your budget is a significant factor when choosing between these platforms. While Shopify Plus comes with a higher monthly fee, it includes essential features like hosting and security. BigCommerce Enterprise, on the other hand, offers a transparent pricing model but may require additional expenses for hosting and security. Evaluate your budget and determine which pricing structure aligns with your financial resources.

Evaluate Your Customization Needs

Customization is crucial for creating a unique and engaging online store. Shopify Plus offers user-friendly tools and themes that make it easy to set up your store quickly. BigCommerce Enterprise, however, stands out for its complete design freedom, allowing you to create a storefront that perfectly aligns with your brand’s identity. Consider how much customization you need and choose accordingly.

SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for attracting organic traffic to your eCommerce site. Both platforms prioritize SEO, but BigCommerce Enterprise takes it a step further with its built-in SEO features, such as customizable URLs and automatic sitemaps. If SEO is a top priority for your business, BigCommerce Enterprise might be the better choice to help your products rank higher on search engines.

Integration Preferences

Integration plays a significant role in enhancing your eCommerce operations. Shopify Plus boasts an extensive app store, providing access to over 6,000 apps that can extend your store’s functionality. BigCommerce Enterprise, on the other hand, focuses on offering a robust set of built-in features. Your preference for third-party apps or integrated solutions can influence your decision.

Customer Support

Exceptional customer support can make a substantial difference when facing technical issues or needing assistance. Shopify Plus offers 24/7 customer support, ensuring help is available around the clock. BigCommerce Enterprise provides premium support during business hours. Consider your support needs and availability when making your choice.

In Conclusion

In the ongoing battle of Shopify Plus vs. BigCommerce Enterprise, there’s no clear winner, as both platforms excel in various aspects. To make the right decision, assess your specific business requirements, budget, and long-term goals.

If you’re seeking a user-friendly platform with scalability and a wide range of apps, Shopify Plus might be your best bet. On the other hand, if you prioritize complete design freedom and robust SEO capabilities, BigCommerce Enterprise could be the ideal choice for your eCommerce venture.

Remember that choosing the right eCommerce platform is a critical decision that can impact your business’s success. Take your time, do thorough research, and select the platform that aligns best with your eCommerce vision. With the right choice, you can set your online business on a path to growth and success.

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