clark atlanta university msw program

Introduction to Clark Atlanta University MSW Program

Clark Atlanta University, a beacon of excellence in higher education, offers an exceptional Master of Social Work (MSW) program. Designed to prepare students for impactful careers in social work, the program combines rigorous academic study with real-world experience. From its roots in historical significance to its current role in shaping future social work professionals, Clark Atlanta University’s MSW program stands as a testament to the university’s commitment to societal transformation.

Historical Background of Clark Atlanta University

Tracing its origins back to the post-Civil War era, Clark Atlanta University has long been a center of African-American education and empowerment. Understanding this rich history provides context to the university’s approach to social work education, emphasizing not just academic excellence but also a deep commitment to social justice and community service.


The Clark Atlanta University MSW program represents more than just an academic journey; it’s a transformative experience that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to effect meaningful change in society.


  1. What sets Clark Atlanta University’s MSW program apart from others?
  2. How does the curriculum address current social issues?
  3. What support services are available to MSW students?
  4. Can students specialize in certain areas of social work?
  5. What are the career prospects for graduates of the program?
  6. How does the program integrate field education?

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