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Think Like a Monk
Think Like a Monk PDF

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Think Like a Monk Pdf

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Think like a monk pdf download: Jay Shetty is one of the most renowned storytellers, podcasters, and former monks. He has created over 400 viral videos with over 5 billion views and hosts the #1 Health and Wellness podcast in the world.

The book Think like a monk by jay Shetty pdf is one of the best-selling books that provide essential guidance for traveling a balanced path to success. It is the first book released by Jay Shetty.

Think Like A Monk Book Summary

What is the reason we should be thinking like monks? This question can be answered can be found contained in Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty. It is a best-selling Self Help Book of 2020 Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty that offers a mix of Ancient Wisdom and Jay Shetty’s personal experiences to assist people to adopt a monk’s mindset in their lives.

On this particular episode, Books Summary, Think Like A Monk Summary will help you overcome negative thoughts, find peace, and utilize your full potential to the maximum. Jay Shetty says that implementing Lesson Of The Monk for busy lives can be a challenge. However, it’s the lessons that provide advice and techniques to help reduce stress in your life, improve discipline and focus and keep relationships alive in the current world.

Who is Jay Shetty?

Jay Shetty is an award-winning Viral Videos Creator, Motivational Speaker, and Bestseller Author. Jay Shetty launched her youtube channel in the year of 2016. To date, 4 years on, she has more than 4 billion viewers on YouTube and more than twenty million ( twenty million ) worldwide. Jay was nominated for FORBES’ 30 under 30.

The show was a daily one, HuffPost Live, which was watched by 1 million viewers daily.


Jay’s life was changed after the monk he was with came into his life at the age of 18. At 22 years old Jay spent the next three years traveling across India along with Europe as a monk. His routine for the day starts at 4:30 in the morning. Jay gets up, has cold showers, meditates, and eats. He would meditate for between 4 and 8 hours each day.

Jay Shetty is back in the world of society after her monk lifestyle in the present. They want to help those who live in cities apply the monk’s mindset based on their personal experiences.

We can now let our friends be aware of what’s special about the book of Jay Shetty Think Like a Monk, what is the reason Jai wants whether monks to think the same way?

Jay states that we’re an unclean mirror. We don’t know what we’re about, who we would like to be or what we would like to be. Jay says the process of cleaning your mirror is not an enjoyable experience. But, when you have removed the dust that has obscured your mirror will you be able to observe your reflection.


Dust removal lets you discover who you are. Jay explains the distinction between Attachment and Detachment. He states that Attachment must perform something in a specific manner. However, Detachment is the most effective method to accomplish something. The issue of attachment can be that you believe you know the right way to do things.

You must be more careful about the principles you adhere to. Our values guide us throughout the world. Jay offers the example of a couple of particular film actors like Heath Ledger and Daniel Day-Lewis. They employ the technique of acting to be more suited to their character within the movie. They also play the role in such a way that when they leave the character, the actor often is confused. In reality, they begin to adopt the persona of the character.

If you’re constantly pursuing your life based on projects instead of your goals You will end up lost when the projects are unsuccessful. It is not the finish line of your life in the event that you decide to focus at projects. Instead, you are starting to figure out the person you will be.

We frequently resent ourselves for our mistakes and demotivate ourselves instead of blaming ourselves it is better to learn the art of allowing yourself to forgive yourself for your errors. It is important to be open to change in the way you interact with yourself. If you nurture your self-confidence effectively and consistently, you’ll be content with what life will give you.

Jay states that you should never go out on the field of life without proper training and protection.


Three steps you can take to be prepared for potential negative battlegrounds of your daily life:

  1. What is the best way to start our day? Who do you recommend it? What are your thoughts? It’s crucial. According to studies, 80 percent of people glance at their phones at the beginning of the day before meeting with their spouse. Instead, the first thing you do when you get up, do something that you enjoy or a piece of work that you are inspired by, or a picture of your loved ones that means much to you. Being able to see these things first in the morning will give your positive energy and enthusiasm to begin your day. The energy and enthusiasm will help you overcome negative situations and obstacles all day long.

Alternatively, checking your phone first suggests that you begin your day responding to the agendas of others.

  1. Jay discusses the impact of scent. It is common to use perfume or scent throughout your day. The main reason you can find peace and positive vibes at temples lies in the acoustic products used such as incense, sandalwood, musk sticks, etc. These help to bring positive energy and calmness, which is able to shield you from negative influences.

3.3. Jay discusses how insignificant sounds can boost the cognitive burden. When he was living in New York, Jay was becoming exhausted for no reason. After reading articles from academic journals that he read about how distracting sounds around you could increase the cognitive load. If there’s news playing on the radio or your nearby drilling is becoming louder, you’re losing 80percent of your cognitive workload. Create an environment in which you are actively creating sounds, for instance, selecting music that lifts you up and stimulates you.

“When you’ve learned a bit it feels like you’re a pro. However, when you’ve learned a lot, you realize that you have no idea. ,


Jay Shetty Quotes

“The Grass Is Greener When You Are Watering It”- Jay Shetty

Whatever you do the question is what are your goals about the work you do? This is crucial. Jay states that your intention must always be in line with your actions. Being aligned means doing the right thing to do in the correct way. Positive intentions are so powerful that it is possible to make a mistake by using the right mindset and still reach the point you’d like to go.

It is important to take a moment to consider the reason you’re doing what you’re doing. Be sure to remember that one thing that is to not let external forces determine your inner joy. The fact that you let external factors determine your happiness implies that you are placing your happiness in the hands of the hands of others. You’re giving up decision-making power over how you feel.

A regular morning routine is essential to set your day off in the best way. Jay says the importance of having a solid routine is essential to have an extraordinary day. But, Jay doesn’t suggest that you have to be someone who can get everything accomplished at the beginning of the week. It’s not necessary to put in for hours every morning to reach your objectives in the morning. However, Jay outlines some simple steps you can follow to positively influence every morning ritual.


Avoid looking at your phone. If you check your phone at the beginning of the day, you’ve already let notifications and messages take over your thoughts. You’re already creating the conditions to be alert throughout the day.

The night before. Jay says that people make decisions in the morning which will impact the remainder of their day. For instance, when we wake up we choose which clothes to wear, what food to take a bite to eat, and what we will do in the evening. But, Jay did offer some advice on avoiding decision fatigue. We are more likely to make bad decisions when we must make them in the morning of the day. So, Jay suggests making easy decisions today regarding the future. This will enable you to make large-scale decisions at the moment you arrive at the office since your performance won’t be judged based on simple choices.

Integrate Time into Your Life Jay provides a short overview of Time.

T = Thankfulness Try to be thankful for the things you’re blessed with in your life because the present is what you have and millions of others do not. Take at least one minute each day to be thankful.

I=INSIGHTS Do this every day and make time for reflection throughout your day. Jay suggests doing this by listening to an audiobook or a podcast. an audiobook while on the road. These media will keep your brain healthy and active. This can enhance your overall quality of life and overall health.

M=Meditation Jay is not suggesting that you participate in lengthy meditation sessions. Instead, you can try to do 2 minutes of meditation every throughout the day. An hour of meditation will help you to remain in a calm state and will give you mental clarity.

E=Exercize. The simple act of exercising for 15 minutes every day will allow you to feel more energized whenever you require it. The environment is energetic and time is a memories. If you’re doing the same thing every day at the same spot it will make your time off much simpler.


Jay says that his time as a monk taught him to discover that our minds affect our beliefs. Brains aren’t the only thing we have however, our minds are the thing that is most important to us as a means of making decisions. The brain is full of the films you watch, the music that you listen to, reading books, the TV. The brain utilizes this information to make the right decisions for us.

It is crucial to put positive thoughts in our minds and to keep them filled with positive energy. Try to alter the way you think about it.

One method to make sure that you’re feeding your mind with positive thoughts is to evaluate and observe effectively by incorporating peace, space and quiet into your day-to-day life. If you are able to tune into the thoughts, expectations as well as obligations that surround you it is possible to begin to pay attention to yourself. Silence lets you differentiate between the outside world and your own voice.

In our modern times, there are many who are scared of being in a quiet space and in their minds. This is why we spend our lives a blur, and we don’t have time to listen to the thoughts of our minds. If you’re listening to your own thoughts, you’ll be influenced by external elements. Videos, music, and even news are the items that will help you to help you achieve your goals.

Check-in on your daily routine to determine what happened during the day and what emotions you’re experiencing. Each month, make an effort to relocate to a place that you’ve never experienced before. Going to these new locations can help you discover yourself in a new environment. If I can only find satisfaction in my accomplishments that is limiting my enjoyment. If I am able to enjoy the success of my family and friends — say ten or twenty people! I get 50 times the pleasure and happiness. Who wouldn’t want it?

If you don’t know who are, you’ll be unable to determine what you’d like from an intimate relationship. The result is that you’re making the wrong impressions and are attracting the wrong type of people. Each relationship challenge has an honest answer to what we’re asking for and what we want. The majority of us ask for something from our relationships that we don’t actually require.

The most common thing people expect from their partners is time. But, your partner might have a hard time being able be with you, even when you’re at the same location. For instance that you’re both on the phone while you’re watching TV and you’re not being together.

Thus, Jay explains that it is crucial to have three elements in the relationship: Presence Attention, and intimacy. In addition to the presence that your spouse has in your relationship, there must be his focus and commitment to you.


Jay Shetty is an award-winning host and creator of viral content Motivational speaker, speaker, and author. Jay created the channel on YouTube in the year 2016 to share wisdom-based videos. In the past four years, he’s received over 4 billion views through YouTube and has more than 20 million subscribers worldwide. To top it all off, Jay was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30.

Jay’s life was transformed after he was introduced to an ordained monk on his 18th birthday. Jay began to redefine his own success and decided to give back to other people. When he was 22 he spent three years traveling across India in addition to Europe as a monk. His routine consisted of waking in the early hours of 4 a.m. to take cold showers, contemplating and eating. He would sit for 4-8 hours a day. The majority of Jay’s time was dedicated to his own personal development, and the rest of the time helping other people. He is now back into the world of society. He hopes to help others apply the monk’s perspective to urban life.

Think like a monk by Jay Shetty pdf


This book will help you free yourself from the way of social conditioning. It also helps you to become the creator of your own company.


Therefore, think like a monk and download this kind of book which can always be helpful and remind us of the self-esteem we have and help to conquer any situation and help us follow our goals without hesitation, and how to lead happier and live a happy and successful life.

If you are thinking like a Monk You’ll be able to:

  • What is your goal?
  • How can you beat the negative thoughts?
  • How can you stop thinking too much?
  • What is the reason that love dies because of comparison?
  • How can you conquer your fears?
  • Why can’t you be happy by seeking it?
  • What can you learn from all the people you meet?
  • Why aren’t you thinking your thoughts?
  • How important is kindness to the success of your business?
  • And many more

Imagine you are monk pdf

Book Name – Think Like the monk book written by Jay Shetty pdf

Author Name- Jay Shetty

Format- PDF

Size- MB

Pages- 366

Language- English

Publication- Thorsons

Contents of Think Like A Monk pdf download

Part One: Let Go

  • Identity
  • Negativity
  • Fear
  • Intention

Part 2: Grow

  • Purpose
  • Routine
  • The Mind
  • Ego

Part 3 Three: Give

  • Gratitude
  • Relationships
  • Service

An appendix to the Vedic personality test

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