Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2

Bhagavad-gita composed at the Sanskrit speech, nevertheless today I will talk about its own Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 in Hindi PDF variant. That means you may amass Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 in the Hindi PDF document in the link.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2
Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2

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Confounded, Arjuna asks what the reason is. Krishna appears to be a proponent of understanding and knowledge, as well as urging Arjuna to take the right thing. Krishna then explains two pathways that lead to knowledge (Sankhya or Jnana) and the action (karma). Certain people are better suited to the first and some to the second. Krishna believes that right actions are a type of worship and only through performing the proper and appropriate actions will the Self attain liberation. The right action of “great men” also sets an example for people of all ages to emulate. Krishna mentions that he does what he wants to do despite having no need or wanting to do nothing. If he stopped the action, humanity could follow his example and get caught in the trap of being inactive. Krishna also urges Arjuna to eliminate the self-centered “I off of the actions, and avoid the temptation to think “I am the doer” of any actions. It is better to Arjuna is advised to realize any action is just the gunas that is acted upon by the gunas. Krishna says that “it is better to do your own duty / badly, than to perfectly do / another’s.”

Arjuna is then able to ask Krishna what motivates men to do evil. Krishna says they are driven by the guna known as rajas. This is the quality that is associated with anger and passion. A high concentration of this guna can cause people to behave out of desire and anger, resulting in the committing of evil actions. To prevent this from happening, Krishna insists, the mind must be more powerful than the senses, and understanding of the Self more powerful than the mind.


To know why certain individuals have been born to follow an action-oriented path, while others choose the path of wisdom and understanding, it is necessary to return to the old caste system. Arjuna is of the warrior caste is well-suited to actions due to his birth. Anyone belonging to the Brahmin or priest caste will likely be attracted to the practice of wisdom and understanding which is practiced through meditation and study of the scriptures.

The central concept behind the Krishna’s argument for action versus inaction and wrong actions is the notion that the gunas are three. Guna could be translated to mean “quality” or “trait,” and three gunas are three fundamental qualities of existence. They are sattva, the purity and strength of your character and rajas: passion and the tamas, which means the dark side and destruction. A lack of these traits creates an unbalanced world. In the scenario Krishna employs the term “rajas” to describe a person who has excessive rajas is driven by ego and passion and will therefore engage in sinful or unwise actions.

The notion of duty is at the heart of Krishna’s argument and the worldview of those who are involved. “Duty” is the rough version from”dharma,” the Sanskrit word “dharma,” a term that is used to describe the concept of which is described as an all-encompassing idea which includes moral and ritual behaviour. As Krishna states in these verses that a denial of the dharma “would have bad social and personal consequences.” Arjuna is determined to follow his duty as best he can to his abilities. He is unable to comprehend what his real duty is and how to best fulfill his “worship” in this situation. Krishna states that Arjuna’s obligation and his worship is in following the dharma he has chosen to follow, which, for warrior is to take on the battle that is in the front of him.


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