भगवद गीता अध्याय 15 – Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15

Bhagavad-gita composed at the Sanskrit speech, nevertheless today I will talk about its own Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 in Hindi PDF variant. That means you may amass Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 in the Hindi PDF document in the link.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15
Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 in Hindi PDF files provide download link below- (source- mychinmaya.org )



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Godhead, the Supreme Personality, stated: It is believed that there exists an immovable banyan tree, with its roots up and branches downwards and whose leaves contain that of the Vedic hymns.
 The person who has the tree is the keeper of the Vedas.

Its branches stretch both upwards and downwards. They are fed by the three ways of nature’s material. The twigs are the targets that the human senses can perceive. The tree has roots that are going down, and are tied to the productive actions of humans as a society.

The actual shape of this tree can’t be seen in the world. It is not clear what it is or where it starts, or even where its roots are. However, with determination, one can take down this deeply rooted tree with the power of separation. Then, one should seek the place where the person who has left will never return, and then give up to the Godhead, the Supreme Persona of Godhead who started everything and to whom everything has been extended since the beginning of time.

The ones who are free from false prestige, illusions and false associations and who comprehend that the ultimate, do not get caught up by material desire and are free from the duality of sadness and happiness, and who, despite their confusion they know how to give up to the Supreme One and get to the eternal kingdom.

This abode in the heavens of Mine is not illuminated by the moon or the sun neither by fire nor electricity. People who visit it never return to the material world.

The living beings that exist in the world of conditioned are My eternal fragmented pieces. Because of their conditioned lives they have to fight to the limit with their six senses. These include the mind.

The living thing within the physical world carries his various ideas of existence between bodies the other like the air is a source of scents. So, he will take one type of body, then abandons it to acquire another.

The living thing, becoming a gross body acquires a particular kind of ear or tongue, nose, sensation of touch. These are connected to the brain. The person thus has a specific range of objects of the senses.

The ignorant cannot comprehend how living things could leave their body, and they don’t comprehend the kind of body they enjoy in nature’s ways. However, those who are educated can comprehend everything.

The striving transcendentalists, who are in self-realization can be able to see this in clear detail. But those whose mind is not fully developed and who do not reside in self-realization, are not able to comprehend the events taking place although they might try.

The glory of sunlight, which shatters the darkness of this entire world, is a result of Me. The splendor of the moon, as well as the majesty of fire come as well from Me.

I go into every planet and through my energy, they remain in the orbit. I am the moon, and thus provide the life-giving juice to all the vegetables.

I am the flame of digestion that is present in the body of all living creatures and I join the breath of life both in and outgoing, in order to digest all four types of food items.

I am in every person’s heart. From me come memories, knowledge, and the inability to remember. In all the Vedas, I shall be recognized. In fact I am the author of Vedanta and the person who is knowledgeable of the Vedas.

There are two types of beings: both the irresistible and fallible. In the physical world, each living thing is unavoidably fallible, while in the realm of spirituality, each living thing is considered infallible.

Beyond the two above, there’s the most powerful living person The Supreme Soul, the Lord of all who has entered into the three realms and is sustaining these three worlds.

Since I transcend and transcendental, I am beyond both fallible and infallible and since I am the most powerful I am adored throughout the world as well as within the Vedas, as the supreme being.

Anyone who knows My supreme personality as Godhead Without doubt that I am the one who knows all things. So, he is able to engage himself in total dedication to Me O, the son of Bharata.

This is the most secretive portion in the Vedic scriptures You are sinless and is revealed today by Me. Anyone who is able to comprehend this will be intelligent, and his actions will be a success.


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